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South Hill is located in south central Virginia near the North Carolina state line halfway between Richmond and Raleigh.  Consisting of 11.7 square miles, South Hill is situated in the gently rolling hills of the Southern Piedmont.Since its beginning as a railroad town in 1889, South Hill has come to be known as an ideal location.  Today the town is easily accessible by a highway network consisting of Interstate 85, U.S. Route 58, And U.S. Route 1.  When it was incorporated in 1901 South Hill was known for its tobacco industry.  Concurrent growth in manufacturing has made the town's economy a diversified one.  South Hill is governed by an eight member town council headed by a mayor.  A town manager and director of public works oversee the daily operation of the town.

The Police Department is located near the center of town with easy access from any of the main highways.  The department consists of twenty sworn officers and two civilian personnel.  The sworn officers include the Chief Of Police, who is responsible for the daily operation of the Police Department.  One Captain and three Sergeants make up the field supervisors.  The department has two detectives whose responsibility is to investigate cases of assault, arson, larceny, and death.  There is also one investigator assigned to the Drug Task Force.  Twelve patrol officers, including one Corporal per shift, are assigned to the daily routine of traffic and calls for service.  The department has one Animal Control Officer who handles dog complaints.  The civilian personnel consist of an administrative assistant and a dispatcher.  They are responsible for record keeping, telephone and walk-in complaints, and radio dispatching.